Upholding a musical legacy that’s sustained itself for over one decade, notorious ‘man in the mask’ Angerfist is, without a doubt, the supreme pioneer in Hardcore music.  Dropping hit after hit, this trailblazer has created numerous famed anthems that have sustained their eminence through an ever-changing industry. Boasting an extensive discography that contains six stellar albums, including his most recent 'Creed of Chaos' masterpiece, Angerfist has deservingly taken out the highest ranking for Hard Dance artists for three consecutive years and is now ranked at the high position of #29 in the DJ Mag Top 100. Shaking down the sturdiest of venues with ferocious Hardcore beats, Angerfist’s performances are packed with dynamism, strength and an extraordinary atmosphere that leaves visitors shattered to the bone. His performance on Devastator in Prague won’t be any less special.


Dr. Peacock is known for his totally insane melodies combined with the hard Frenchcore sounds. He developed his own style in the Frenchcore scene. For everyone that hasn’t seen him play before: His performances on stage are very powerful and totally crazy! One of the key reasons why from 2010 until now, he has gathered a big fan base, which follows him wherever he plays. Dr. Peacock has done some very nice collaborations with artists like: Angerfist, Le Bask, The Braindrillerz, Adrenokrome, Noisekick, Marcus Decks, Repix, Da Mouth of Madness and many more. He's coming to Prague with his new album "Acid Bomb," which will be exclusively showcased on Devastator Hall.


Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth and Marcus, are a Norwegian Hardstyle duo signed to Dirty Workz. Crazy guys, with a passion for Hardstyle and Hard Dance in general, give every crowd a moment to remember. Behind the decks their energy is unlike any other. Sunglasses on, smiles from ear to ear and fists pumping to each beat, they're a true spark to energize movement of Devastator. After striking their first big hits with their concept #Tweekay14, these energetic maniacs made first big breakthrough. Followed by famous party anthems Wodka, Tequilla, Jägermeister and other incredible euphoric tracks, Da Tweekaz are set to take you on a crazy journey of musical madness.


After visiting a frenchcore party at the age of 17, a man with a mission was born. Rick's triforce skills were already present, but Dr. Peacock quickly noticed another talent this young guy posseses. The Dutchman, also known as Hyrule War, is also able to create the most devastating and pounding kicks you will ever hear. Combined with enthusiastic and energetic performances, you should definitely watch out for this freshman. With releases on labels like Audiogenic, GGM and ofcourse Peacock Records, Hyrule War is ready to destroy Devastator!


His dedication towards Hard Dance music grew exponentially through out the years. He knew one thing for sure: he wanted to make his own kind of hardstyle music. For Rejecta (born by name Wesley), there was only one way: practicing long enough to learn all the techniques of producing high quality productions, so he could make a major impression. After 4 years of working in silence on his productions, Wesley came in contact with the guys from Roughstate, who knew they couldn’t let him go by. Frequencerz supported two of Wesley’s tracks (Followed & Deserve To Die) during their Qlimax 2017 performance and from that moment Rejecta was born. Shortly after Qlimax, Rejecta unveiled his identity for a numerous of online fans, who craved to know the artist behind the Qlimax tracks. Shortly after, ‘Followed’ became the first Rejecta release on Roughstate. Rejecta dropped a bomb into the scene and ‘Followed’ became number 3 in the charts. He also managed to get the number 1 spot in the Viral Top 50 of The Netherlands on Spotify. With his first performance on Devastator in Prague, the future of Rejecta looks promising.


Czech fanatic duo based in Prague and known for their hungry kicks, nightmare screetches and violent synths. They evolved unmatched sound with industrial elements which makes them unique on the frenchcore scene. Four massive albums and countless singles and Ep’s brings them to the biggest hardcore parties in the world. They worked together with artists like Dr.Peacock, Radium, Maissouille, The Punisher, The Mastery, Adrenokrome, Psiko, PatternJ, A-kriv. At the moment Hungry Beats working hard on many new things and are hungrier and hungrier. Without any doubt we’re proud to have them almost as resident DJs on Devastator parties, including next one.