We shall be taking over Storm Club in Prague in less than a month’s time and you can be sure, that we’ll own it. It’s going to be majestic! After opening the gates to our bone structured base you will be teleported to an ancient warzone of old Viking warriors. How? As always we’re bringing our infamous stage design made of skulls to Storm Club. These skulls will be looking at us throughout the night making sure the Takeover is a success. And because Devastator is the Kingdom of Harder Styles, the whole stage will change into an ancient charnel house that will remind us of the unstoppable power of Harder Styles unity. Thus the loyal Devastator Diehard fans won’t miss out on this unique Harder Styles experience and will definitely turn Storm Club into our home.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all on 14th of June alongside big names such as Sub Zero Project, Sefa, Devin Wild, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Le Bask and many more. Perfect acoustics, amazing sound, great lightshow and a bar with low prices, all of that in the center of Prague. All fans of Harder Styles will get the opportunity to dance through this warzone into Valhalla, where devoted diehards can live forever. Bear in mind however, that not all of you can get into Valhalla as the capacity is limited to ensure comfort for all diehards. Don’t miss your chance and get your tickets now.