Friday night belonged to a first Devastator Hall in Ostrava and we’re just amazed! A group of passionate diehards visited the Kingdom of Harder Styles and made a atmosphere, that we won’t forget. We’re not afraid to say, that our elite DJs were banging their tunes so hard, that the whole sound system of Trojhalí Karolina collapsed. But it did not stop you and with the support of your singalongs we were able to get the system back on track. Czech and Slovak support DJs started this night in a wild way but when the big stars has come, you guys just went completely crazy! There was a lot of epic moments during this incredible night and we’re truly happy that our journey to a toughest city in republic has been successful. Thank you for pushing boundaries together with us.

Your energy is unstoppable thats why we have some news for you Tomorrow at 5pm sharp. Stay Tuned!