Yesterday, we’ve written the first chapter of the independent and powerful Devastator! The atmosphere of last night has left us feeling that the Harder Styles diehards have just found their new holy grounds. We united for loads of music and not even delayed plane with Da Tweekaz and Rejecta stopped our ambitions. In their absence, the brave Czech DJs Crane and Mejsi came through and saved the night. After passing the torch to Da Tweekaz, Devastator experienced its first epic moment. Thank you for creating a new scene and new Harder Styles movement in Central Europe.

This is only the beginning! You can look forward to another four Devastator parties in the Czech Republic. The closest destination is Devastator Hall – Trojhalí Karolina Ostrava, after that, we are moving to Imagination Summer 2019. Like last year, we will host Beats For Love with our Devastator stage and the highlight of the year? Imagination Winter!