The hardest hall event in the hardest city!

Based on its history, Ostrava is often called the hardest city in the country. That’s why it deserves really hard music, too! The first Ostrava’s edition of Devastator Hall event will be focusing mainly on Tekno/Hardtek, Hardcore, Frenchcore and Hardstyle.

You can look forward to hear 7 foreign headliners during the night. At the moment, we already know the first four of them. N-Vitral will unleash his Hardcore frenzy, Act Of Rage will set us ablaze with their Hardstyle and Floxytek and Sirio won’t hold back with their Frenchore energy. We will announce the rest of headliners in the middle of February and we’ll also add a couple of local DJ acts on top of that.

The whole night will take place at the industrial venue of Trojhali Karolina in the city centre of Ostrava. If you don’t know Ostrava or if you’re wondering how to get to Devastator Hall, please see the “VENUE” section where you can find all the necessary information in one place.